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5 Simple Marketing Ways For Bringing Traffic To Your Blog

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Traffic is all what you need to successfully run a blog. As soon as the blogger publishes their first post, their first wish is “I need a lot more traffic”. But I learned the truth that it can’t be attained in a day time. It takes time to build a group of readers and no one get that without putting much effort. So i was in a search of what can i do, to get my traffic and i finally found some ways. I thought of sharing these with you all.
1. Submit your Article
  • The simplest and oldest way of bringing traffic to your blog is through article marketing.
  • Submit your article to various article submission sites that are available on internet.
  • Search Google for ‘Article submission’ or ‘Article directories’ and you get many sites to submit your article which freely shares with all.
  • Be sure that your submitted article contains 1 or 2 links to your blog.
2. Guest posting
  • Guest posting is an easy way to generate more traffic and backlinks for your blog.
  • In order to attract the readers, your guest post should be of high quality so that readers approach your blog for more post of yours.
  • Building relationship is the key to success. These guest post drives you more traffic, backlinks and also relationships with other bloggers.
3. Social tools marketing
  • Nowadays, social websites are the only door to market your blog easily. Use social icon tools in your websites for sharing your posts.
  • Create account in various social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn etc to promote your blog.
  • Also, share your each article in Digg, StumbleUpon and similar sites.
4. Forum marketing
  • Forums are the online discussion site where people can converse in the form of posted messages.
  • The advantage of forum is, you could easily add affiliate page links in the way by adding signatures with your name which creates more backlinks to your blog.
  • It doesn’t takes time like article marketing where you have to write, submit article and wait for approval. just signing in the forum is enough for you to leave your links.
5. Comment on other blogs
  • There are lot of blogs and bloggers on the net. Yes, that’s redirecting the traffic from other blogs.
  • By leaving comments on their blog with your blog URL, you can bring more traffic as well as backlinks.
  • Comment in the intention of creating relationships, don’t comment for just backlinks alone.
  • The more of the backlinks you have to your site, the higher you will rank in


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