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Everyone loves to make money online with zero investment,zero skills,no experience and with less consumption of time."I will teach you different ways to make money online without any investment."Use my strategy which works on a common factor on all the different ways provided and will boost your income 100 times through these sites.No wonder it is true that your initial money income would be less but that's the truth,you
might have heard about the people clamming to make 2 figures online income per day or week by working online with zero or without any investment and zero skills,but just ask yourself a question "Is that possible without any money or skills ?. You will surely get your answer as "NO",if that is possible every one around the world would purchase a computer and an internet connection and will beat the bill gates with in a year or two,so forget your dream of making money online with  no investment.I will teach you the most legitimate way to Make Money Online with zero investment and not a way to "GET RICH SOON",because there is no way for that, if you have no investment.Beware of get rich soon scheme all of them are scam."There is no shortcut to earn fast and quick money,but there are so many tricks that you can apply to boost your earning.I will explain them on this page which works on common factors for all the different ways.Also remember this,Keep in mind "To reach  the HEIGHT you must start from the BASE" and the different ways to make money shown below are the BASE.

One and only way to make money online is to register an account on Alert pay and PayPal they are like Internet banks,they keep your money or cash online in the form of e-currency which you can later use to shop online or transfer that money in to your bank account via "Bank Transfer" or "Bank Wire", you can also transfer that money in to your Credit/Debit card, and you can also request "Money Check" which will be speed posted to your home address within 2-3 weeks if you are Non-US Resident.All these facilities are available on both Alert Pay and PayPal,and creating an account on both Alert Pay and PayPal is free of charge. 

The steps are simple,first you will earn money from different ways given below and then on request they will be transferred to either Alert Pay or PayPal and then you can utilize that money online or at real world.So get your free PayPal and Alert Pay account right now, they are required if you wish to make money online. 


Let me tell you straight-the first and simplest way to make money online with out spending a time.The websites given below pays you money for sharing files online.Sharing means you will upload files on these websites and when ever some one downloads it you will be paid cash for each and every download.Registration don't cost a penny from your pocket, you can upload unlimited no of files,in any format, which can be downloaded for unlimited no of times.One important thing to be noted here that your friend or any down-loader who will download your uploaded files don't need to register on these sites for downloading, he can download it directly from the download link.So register on these sites given below,its 100% free,and will never beg for any hidden fees later.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP IN PAID TO SHARE SITE 3 (in this site you can upload only images for sharing)


Another way of making online money with no capital or no investment is to use "Paid To Click" sites or "PTC" sites. These sites pay money for just clicking on Advert and nothing more hidden job they want form us.Several sponsors around the globe wants to advertize their products or services online on world wide web or just wants more traffic to their websites, so they simply pay money to these PTC sites and we as a member of these PTC sites view the sponsors website or product by clicking on the adverts and these PTC sites will pay us money online by means of E-Currency(PayPal/Alert Pay) for simply just clicking on advertisement.

The procedure is very simple.First of all we click on the advertisement link.As we click, a new window opens with the sponsor's website showing their service or product information.This sponsor's opens with a count-down-time-counter on the top of the browser which last for just 20 to 30 seconds and when it reaches zero you are paid for that.This is how simply we can earn extra money online with "no investment' by just viewing the advert or website for few seconds.
I personally recommend you to join around 8 to 10 paid to click websites.For this reason,unlike any other jobs explained on this page ,paid to click is the simplest job where you can click and minimize the window, without any interventions to your other work and without any presence of mind, i mean without any focus and with zero skills. This makes PTC program to be the most adaptable with other jobs.Suppose you join 10 PTC websites click 50 adverts daily worth one cent each,so your daily income will be $0.50 and monthly will be $15 which is over all a good amount.So do join up to the limit which suits your personality and routine most. 










Now the third way of earning currency online with zero speculation or outlay is by Completing Offers.This offer can be a Download of a Toolbar or a Game or other Software,it can be a signup or registration on a particular website.The offer can even be a paid survey.So basically offers are of three type's Sign ups,Survey or Download.

Every time you complete an offer you will be paid money for that.The cash you can earn per offer may vary from minimum $0.10 to unlimited bucks.Generally available offers are of $0.50.I recommend you this online job because it is very easy to earn cash via this way and the earning potential is more on this websites.So sign up on this site below to earn money online with zero investment,registration is free.


The fourth way is a very potential way of making wealth on the internet without any expense or investment.In this way we make money by taking participation in Forum Discussion.The marvelous part of the fourth way is that it has no per day restriction or limit on earning cash.The more you discuss is more you make money.So learn it carefully if you want to make money.There are many categories on which you can discuss like music and movies,skin care and health,food and beverages,education,sports and gamming,housing and shopping,
hobbies and life style etc
I strongly recommend you to join this program because it's a very potential way to earn
quick money online with less required efforts and skills.Trust me,if you decide only two hours daily in this program then you can earn from $2-$5 per day.
Also discussion is not a new thing since we all are connected with our friends and family members through social networking websites like Facebook,Twitter,Orkut etc and we discuss with them there.The same thing you can do here but this time you will earn money.All the facilities that are available on any social networking websites are also available on this paid to forum discussion website.You can make new friends here by sending them friend request or can call your old friends to join this program.You can create your own custom profile page where you can write about yourself.You can also upload your pictures and can add videos too.You can send messages to your friends or can write comments on their profile page or on their photos and videos.Groups,communities,blogs,games,quizzes and lots more things are there.So in this program you will be paid for the things that you were already doing before.So sign up on this site


Another way of making money online with no asset ,rate or price is Paid To Review which i placed under the fifth way to earn cash.As from the name itself you can understand in this way you will be paid for writing reviews.You can write review on many thing like for a product,for an organization or for a service.The rate per review may differ according to the product which you are reviewing.There are always a plenty of products and services available to write review on the below websites,so you will be busy with them.The more quality reviews you write on products or services and if more readers like it the more you will be paid.Click the link below to sign up to Paid To Review sites.


Now the seventh way of earning online funds without paying any money or any kind of investment is just fun,in this way you will be paid online for just playing games.If you are good in playing video games then you can also try to make wealth out of it.This way will be best for you.The trusty website given below allows their members to play free money game where they move in the virtual world.
The virtual world consist of many online users world wide and they own some specific role in the game where war is happening everywhere and these users are given only 600 moves per day in this online money earning game.In the virtual world of this game there are several mountains where you can find out more moves per day with some specific items like real world money,instant prizes and ways to reach at the edges of this game.So always search the mountains.You will also paid online for your activeness in the game.I think this is the most enjoyable way to make cash online without investment.So register on the site given below and start making cash. 


S1239 said... [Reply to comment]

nice post..i found another way of earning a minimum of 1$ per day. it only needs less than a half an hour. check this out.

Nidhun Break said... [Reply to comment]

@s1239 Thanks Sharing a New Way About Online Money Making

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Nidhu ....:)

Midhu said... [Reply to comment]

Really informative post and you are a genius, I appreciate your work, Thanks a for sharing your knowledge here, I am glad to read this article and this information looking forward to your upcoming articles.

Nidhun Break said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks bro

S1239 said... [Reply to comment]

@Nidhun Break

You're welcome. I posted this link because i tried PTC about 6 months. But 3 sites closed down and two payments are still pending. but in microworkers, i got paid three times within 30 days. it's awesome. isn't it?

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