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Blogspot Url Redirecting To Country Specific Url

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Google is discovered a new system that automatically redirects users to country-specific URLs that match their IP address' location, in india change to Another example if you're in Australia and viewing, you might be redirected
If you are from other country try to visit any BlogSpot URL then URL you visited has been redirected to the country code Top Level Domain (CCTLD).The change is live in India but Google, according to this support page, is planning to take a similar approach in other countries as well

Why This Url Change Is Happening

Why is Google switching to country-specific url(CCTLD). Simple this gives them the ability to censor content hosted on Blogger country wise.

How To View A Blog Without The Country Specific URLS

If you're unhappy with Country Specific TLD and want to stick with correct URL, you can temporarily opt-out this redirection with NCR option. NCR stands for (No Country Redirect) is used to prevent redirection and display correct version of URL For example

The Problem with Redirecting URLs

The above change is applicable only for free blogs that are served from and does not affect Blogger blogs that use a custom domain.Those who are already using Custom Domain for their blog they should not see any visible differences to their blog other than the URL redirecting to a CCTLD

Will this effect search engine optimization on my blog

Yes it might effect,after this change crawlers will find Blogspot content on many different domains. Hosting duplicate content on different domains can affect search results.

Solution For This Effect

A possible solution is that you add the canonical meta tag to your blog template and point it to your original .com URLs. Here’s how you do it.

Search for the following line in your Blog Template and make sure it is there. In-case, if you're unable to find in blog template, don't worry you can still add this line of code to your template below the <head> section

Then you can add following line of code in your template between the <head> and </head> tags

This canonical tag, help your blog in search engines that even if they encounter our blog page with a .in address, they should only consider the .com address as that’s the original source.Drop your comment below about blogspot url Redirecting....


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I have also noticed these changes in my blogs. Now my domain names are being redirected on

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I hate that change.what's your opinion

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