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Optimize your Website Top Search Engine Optimization (seo) Tips

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Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor of your website.There are several techniques to achieve higher ranking in the search results.Well, it isn’t that easy. There are over 200 million websites across the globe and thousands of new ones being created daily. Developing a website is one thing,but how do you make it stand out and get visitors to your site in search result.Here are some Search Engine Optimization Tips to help your website boost in the rankings

Title Tag

For those who are knew to the web a title tag is the words or phrases that show up in the very top left of browser. Title tags should refer to the type of niche, include a geo-location and keyword phrases that defines what your niche and your website is about. Each web page of your site should be optimized for the content on that page

Meta tag Description

Description tags are still useful and should be a brief 1 paragraph  that describes the content on the web page.Get those top terms into a description that isn't spammy and is a clear indicator of what your website is about.The description tag should be keyword rich and there should be a different description for each web page of your site.

Find the Best Keywords

It’s one thing to optimize your website for keywords, but if you’re using keywords that are not even being searched for then it’s a huge waste of your time. There are plenty of free tools available on the Internet that can help you find the best keywords that are being searched for consistently for example google adword. These are the keywords that you want to optimize your site for. Also think about using long tail keywords, which are keyword phrases that have 3-5 words in them. These are great for drawing in targeted, quality traffic.

Use An XML Site Map

Sitemaps not only help your visitors find content faster, but they also help search engines understand the structure and layout of your website. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your rankings because web crawlers can quickly find your content.

Don’t keyword spam

Don’t spam your site with too many keyword phrases. Search engines will typically “punish” websites that have been found to do a ton of keyword phrases with no relation to what the website is about and has no real content for visitors

Off Page Seo

Off Page Seo is the most difficult aspect of optimising your own website as link building can be
extremely time consuming and hard work. For a new website the best place to start is to submit it
into several popular website directories that allow links back to your website as this will not only get
the website indexed by search engines faster, it will also help with ranking on the search engines as

Social Media

Establishing your website on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook can enhance you brand and increase your website name on search engine page results.However, do not enter these networks lightly. A good amount of time and energy is needed to use these networks to be successful. Also have a plan or strategy in place when using social media

So once you’re done with these tips, also be sure to find out the grade of your website and use the provide tips to boost your SEO even further.


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