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Yes Web Hosting Important For Blog

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when we start a blog website hosting is one of the first decisions made and may be chosen based on the most affordable plan and hosting company. That may make complete sense at the time,here we are going to put more reasons as to why you should not ignore the importance of choosing the best web hosting service provider for your blog

1.Support 24*7

If your blog is popular, it is highly likely that it is being visited by people of other countries and that simply means your website needs to be up and running 24*7 no matter what. Sudden outrage or bandwidth limit exceed can cause trouble for your website as visitors will see error instead of discovering information or images in your website. So, before you choose your web hosting service check they provider 24*7 free customer support

2.Uptime Guarantee

If you’re running a website that deals with thousands upon thousands of dollars per day in revenue, you might want to look into getting an uptime guarantee.
With an uptime guarantee, the web host will promise to keep your servers up for a certain percentage of the time, at minimum. If the servers ever go down, the web host will owe you money for every minute or hour that the service is down.


This is another important feature that can virtually save your life in cases of rare emergencies. However, not all web hosting service providers provide backup of data of the websites they host, some big hosting companies like UK2, Netfirms, Godaddy etc have this facility. Backup is usually done on weekly or monthly basis. However, if you budget is small, you do not need to worry at all because there are some mind blowing discount coupons on UK2, Netfirms, Godaddy available that can make your day.

4.Bandwidth of the Server

For most startup businesses, bandwidth is not a big consideration. The main consideration should be having enough RAM and CPU cycles to handle all your web apps.
However, as your traffic needs increase, bandwidth can become a real issue.
Typically, hosting companies will either give you a monthly cap or a cap on the amount of bandwidth you can use every second. Few businesses will actually hit this cap, but it’s still important to know about it just in case your website explodes in popularity.Make no mistake however: There’s no such thing as an “unlimited bandwidth” host.

5.Email Systems

If you’re going to be hosting your own email, make sure your server has   all the things you need to do so.
Make sure your server supports both IMAP and SMTP if you want to be able to use your own email clients, as well as smartphones to access your email accounts.
You should also make sure you have webmail access for people who don’t want to use their own email clients.
These are the most important technical considerations to take into account when you’re selecting a web host. It doesn’t have to be overly difficult, but you do want to make sure that whatever host you select can handle all your needs. 


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When you are going to take web hosting services than you should check the customer's feedbacks of web hosts and should also check server uptime.

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