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Change Your Twitter Profille To Traffic Generator

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Twitter is one of the latest and greatest Web 2.0 apps and it gets tons of traffic.However, from the point of view of a SEO expert, it is more important that Twitter can get you tons of traffic as well.So, if you still don't have an account with Twitter, you'd better open one.Twitter traffic the right way,easy way,smart way It works differently for every niche.Twitter is an easy to use, user friendly social networking site,and it doesn’t take more than 2 hours to get familiar with twitter.Follow these tips to get  To Improve You Traffic from Twitter

Twitter Username

Username of your twitter must be related to your site. When people go through your tweets, they think of your site too hence it is crucial to give the username of twitter related to your website. If you want to build a brand around your name then you should make use of your own name as the username for twitter. People must think about visiting your site when they see the username for your twitter.

Make your Twitter profile interesting

Your profile are the first things your visitors will see when they go to your Twitter account. If your profile looks boring, people won't bother to read your tweets, not to mention visit the links you post in them.You can't write a very long bio of yours, but you can enter a few words about you.If you will do, people will surely click on the link that you have provided and discover your site surely.You should add an interesting profile picture

Put your site/blog URL in your profile

Add your Blog URL in your twitter Bio, and this will sell some amount of traffic and a backlink to your blog.According to some statistics, 80% of tweeters don't provide an URL in their bio.So,don't forget to include your URL in your profile

Connect Your Feed to Publish Automatically

Connecting your blog’s feed to your twitter account it will tweet every new post publisher in your blog.If you are using Feedburner then Your Blog Feed To Twitter Account then it’s very easy just go to Settings tab and click on Add twitter account.If you give a link to your article in your tweet then you will surely get huge twitter traffic for your site. If you already have many followers and especially targeted followers then you will surely get huge traffic from twitter to your website

Tweet regularly

If you want to keep your audience, you need to feed it regularly.Writing a short tweet takes just seconds, but it is enough in order to keep your followers happy. It goes without saying, that you should tweet about useful things, so if you don't have something meaningful to post about you or your sites

Add Twitter gadgets to your site

There are tons of Twitter gadgets and new ones are being released every day.The cool thing about Twitter gadgets is that your blog visitors can become your Twitter followers.If your Twitter followers have many followers, chances are that some of these followers will notice you and will join your network.Start to building a large and targeted network is key to getting more Twitter traffic to your site


It is crucial part of Twitter.If somebody sends you a tweet, you should reply instantly. It is very important t build conversations for making friends quickly. If you have several followers then you should not overlook them.You should always send them comments. If people find out interesting and believe you then only they will visit your site.

If you follow above given steps, you can easily get huge traffic to your site through twitter.These are some of the main ways in which you can get traffic from Twitter.i hope these tips help you.....


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Interaction with followers/blog visitors/clients is very important especially in social networking sites. The purpose of connecting with people is to build a wide and solid network of people who are in the same field as yours or are interested in the same things you are.

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