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5 Ways Boost Your Site Speed,Improve Your Load Time

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Do you know the interesting facts about site load time.It can increase your search engine ranks. If your website's load time is small than other website then it will displayed on first page on the Google search.Below you will find the simple effective ways to make sure that your website is running fast

1.Optimize Images

Images represent the heavier load on virtually any website so make sure you are optimizing them.Image optimization is only can decrease your website load time by 30% to 50%. Because there is only images that increases pages size and website's size.always use the “Save for Web” feature and use .jpeg  or .gif format other than .png or any other else. But remember one thing, reducing image size can affect on the the image quality so don't optimize your images at high Level

2.Optimize Your CSS

Many webmasters, perhaps you, use designed with CSS nowadays.Make sure to aggregate and clean your CSS. CleanCSS is an online tool that will merge similar selectors, remove useless properties and remove the whitespace from your an online tool that will merge similar selectors, remove useless properties and remove the whitespace from your code.

3.Less Cookies

Each time a browser makes a request, cookies must be transmitted. Keep an eye on the total number and size of the cookies your site uses.Reduce the amount of cookies on your site. This isn’t because of the cookies you’ve got, but you don’t know how many cookies that user’s particular browser has already eaten.The fewer cookies your page has the faster it will load.

4.Control Cache

Controlling how your site’s content is cached by the search engines will dramatically speed up your page load time. How you do this depends on the type of server you’re hosting your site on.when the the page loads in to the browser, it saves a copy of images, stylesheets, javascripts or the entire page. Therefore, the next time when the user needs to load that pages, the browser doesn’t have to download it again. It loads from saved Resources.Caching is a great thing that makes your website faster

5.Choose Right Theme For Your Blog

Go for some theme that is cool and simple looking. It’s important to understand that fewer images will equals less loading time, which means a speed up your site. Choose themes with the fewest possible images and a CSS-based design, try to avoid flash or other fancy designs and unnecessary plugins.Choose a perfect theme for your website

I hope you found these tips helpful. Be sure to drop a comment if you have any more ideas.....


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