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Yes It's True Microsoft Release New Social Network Website Called socl

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New competitor aginst facebook,twitter and google plus, Microsoft has been creating Socl a new social network Website. Microsoft have kept it secret for public not until they try to test the site and was exposed to public in July 2011, after that the site disappear
And finally on Dec 15,2011 it went public according to Microsoft blog. If you want to sign up to the network you can sign up via facebook login but you will not be approved immediately you will be put on waiting list.

Microsoft have made a clear statement that they create a new social network site not trying to compete with the existing social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. They said the Socl social network is for student research purpose to their behavior in using social network and the way they share things, therefor Microsoft encourage the students to use facebook and twitters. Socl social network use bing search in its social search, for friends, family and so on

The difference with Socl is its emphasis on searching and tagging based on your interests. So if you want to find out about, say, music, you can type a query into the Bing bar on top and see what people are saying. Then, you can tag each post with terms like “funk,” . Friends will be able to see your searches and tags, and vice versa, the idea being that everyone in your network is helping to find signals in the noise

What about you what do you think about this Socl? will you join or you okay with your current social network? Check the website click here


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