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Top 8 Sites that Pays You to Write Reviews

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I am very much interested in ways of earning money by writing articles.In this post, I will share with you the 8 Sites that are Paying Us to Write Reviews online.I hope that the sites below will be a great help for you to make extra money online.


One of the first finding of mine. Here writers can create information pages, so called Squidoo lenses and make money by driving interested readers to their pages. Money are paid via PayPal on monthly basis

ReviewStream allows writers to write almost about anything they like. Writers can write reviews of digital cameras, cars, cell phones, movies, food, music, computers and so on. The payment per reviews is $2.00 per review but it is not easy to earn that amount of payment for every review you write. So, there is another way to get paid for review which is bulk rate. The bulk rate is $0.40 per review. So, if your review is not accpeted for $2.00 per review, you will get the bulk rate of $0.40 per review


Is an internet technology magazine, which is looking for guest bloggers. If you are interested in writing about technology and web related things and receive Google Adsense revenue share, then ShoutMeLoud is definitely something you should start thinking about. This is yet another cool way to make money for free by writing articles and reviews


Ciao is a great site to write reviews. The site is now in beta version. The payment is made via PayPal and it normally pays $0.25 per review. The payment is quite good per review. So, it is a good site to join to make some extra money

5. Epinions
Epinions allows users to write reviews and make money. In Epinions, the money you earned will be shown in your Eroyalties account. I think that it is a good place to make money. Make sure your reviews are following their rules

6.Shared Reviews
SharedReviews pays you for your reviews. This another great site to make money from reviews.So, why not give it a try?

7. Review Centre
Review Centre is a simple site to write reviews and make some money. the reviews on this site is created by users

The most popular Google Adsense revenue sharing website. With the help of HubPages you can create hubs on the topics of your choice, add your Google Adsense and Infolinks advertising and get money directly to your accounts.


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These sites will surely help me earn some extra money online. I will try these sites and find out the best to stick with.

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