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Improve Your Windows XP Security Start Now

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Following are some Tricks to raise a little more security on your XP.

1.Create System Restore  
     If you use XP so you have to reinstall XP many times due to many causes like: Virus Problem, Slowdown of PC, Installed Two Much Software, Windows Not Working Correctly, Windows Files Corrupted, etc. By creating restore after a fresh install of XP, you will be able to solve these problems without re-installing windows and get the felling of newly installed OS.

2.Manage Window's Users and Groups

    While logged in as the Administrator, right click the My Computer icon, then left click Manage. The Computer Management window appears. Under System Tools, expand Local Users and Groups to reveal two folders. Left click the Users folder to display the existing user accounts in the right window. At this point you must decide which accounts are important to you.
Next, click on the folder labeled Groups. Make sure the only objects listed in the Administrators group are the Administrator account and a user account of your choice. The fewer accounts in this group, the better. Go through the other groups and manage appropriately. Make sure each group has only the necessary user(s) based on the group's description

3.Disable Unnecessary Services From Running

     Most servers are compromised by exploiting holes in unused services, services that aren't necessary to maintain intended functionality. Good server administrators won't disable a service that isn't required, they'll completely purge the thing from the operating system. This, unfortunately, isn't an option in Windows XP.
I highly recommend you perform research on each available service if you're unsure of its purpose.I'm going to list all the services I disable, which historically works for me.
Load up the trusty Computer Management window the same way mentioned in the first tip (users and groups). Once open, expand the item on the left labeled Services and Application, then click Services.
Disabled services that isn't required.In addition to the security benefits, an increase in system performance is definitely noticeable, too

4.Remove Built-in Default Administrative Shares
      In the Computer Management window, expand Shared Folders, then click Shares. If ADMIN$ exists, your entire hard drive is setup as a file share that's accessible to other devices in your network. To prevent access to these shares, we're going to remove them.
Click Start, Run, clear the text input box of any existing data and type regedit. (without the period) Click OK. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, Services, lanmanserver, and finally, click parameters. In the right window panel, look for an entry labeled AutoShareServer and change the value to 0 by double clicking the entry. If the entry doesn't exist, right click a blank area in the right window pane and select New, then DWORD Value. Label the new entry as AutoShareServer with a value of 0.Close everything and restart your machine for the changes to take effect

5.Stop Malware/Spyware From Ever Having A Chance
      This is easy - prevent advertisements from over fifteen thousand potentially malicious servers. Some ad companies employ tactics that exploit web browsers, and simple ignorance, to install ad software. Common culprits are weather bug, the gator company, among others. The results typically include random pop ups, altered active desktop settings, modified home page settings, and sometimes worse. Real malicious adware will disable the Window's Task Manager, the Control Panel, turn your computer into a spam relay, and more

Note: Please Tell me if there are more ways to raise security in XP.

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