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What is pay per click ?

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Today is market of online earnings, and so people wants to put their product or services in front of whole world.

But its not possible by offline marketing, so the online marketing is required to run which is done by pay per click management.

Google offers pay per click campaigns through which business owner or advertiser can publish their product or service in fron of whole world via search engine.
Advertiser have to pay cpc (cost per click) amount to Google, means whenever every click tends to pay to Google.

Advertiser have to pay for every click to Google for promoting or selling its product or services and to get quality and targeted customers.

If you will bid more for your product keyword you will rank higher in google search engine.
For example if your business is of domain selling then your keyword should be related to that as every people search that perticular keyword then your business website will be at top in google search engine list of results.
From that list if customer click on your website ad then you have to pay Google for that click only weather visitor interested in your product or service or not.

This called as Pay Per Click in simple words.


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