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Top 5 Social Networking Sites To Make Money Online

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    1. Apsense
              Apsense is a Free Business Social Network where people get paid to come together to share their business. You can make money by chatting with other members, talking about business ideas, content pages that you create, content pages that your network creates (6 level deep). You can also make money by selling your own Ad Space, which you create to promote your business! Apsense shares up to 85% of the revenue with you.
   2. 6Dgr
               This one is almost like a social business forum if you will. But you can do every thing that is possible on a normal social networking site. You make money by doing virtually anything and the plus of this site is that the referral commission that you get, goes 6 level deep! also any thing that the person you refer dose, from activating their email to buying something on 6dgr “market place”, will earn you a commission
   3. Gather
               Create great experiences for others to increase what you earn. The more quality content you share and the more interaction you have with others, the more points you’ll earn. Maximize your earnings by creating consistent, popular experiences and conversations for the rest of the community and by promoting them to people who share your interests outside of Gather. You earn what is called “gather points” which can be exchange for gift certificate from, Starbucks, Target, The Gap, and The Home Depot. New gift certificates are added frequently. You can also redeem your points for cash through PayPal.
   4. FrensZone
                You can make money by doing almost everything possible on a social networking site, form a simple chat to up loading photos, videos and MP3. You can also earn money by referring new members to FrensZone. It basically comes down to this, the more members you invited and the more activities that you do in FrensZon, the more money you make.
   5. MyPage5
               They call it  the MOST FINANCIALLY REWARDING social networking site in the world”, which is true to some extend. You earn $5 just for signing up and the rest is as followed: (you can do most of these as many times as you want to), Create blog= 4c, Blog Comment= 1c, Upload video= 3c, Video comment= 1c, Post classified= 1c, Start topic in a group= 1c, Group Comment= 1c, Profile comment= 1c, Upload photo to album= 1c, Photo comment= 1c, Band comment= 1c, Chat reward= 2c, plus 5% of your referral’s daily activities. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make money on this site. You will be paid via paypal.
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