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What Is Facebook Timeline And How To Activate In Facebook Profile

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The time has finally arrived that you are able to activate Facebook Timeline on your own personal profile. Although many dread seeing their beloved Facebook profile suddenly change on them, many really like it.i think new era begins in social media

What is a Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is one of the latest features of  Facebook. Timeline allows lots of superb options to users. Some of them are:
  • You can edit your basic profile information.
  • Can view your activity logs, like a digital diary!
  • You can check important activities from each month. 
  • You can rate the stories that you want to highlight to your friends. 
  • And can include your life events.

What is the difference from your current profile?

So now you might be thinking that “How it is different from current one? “. Then here is the answer.
Now, you can only see latest posts and activities of your friends. While the old stories and posts are hidden. If you want to see any of these details then you have to go back using “More Stories” option. But for Timeline it is not like that. So let us start right now. Don’t miss this great feature of Facebook. Activate Facebook Timeline for your profile now itself.

How To Activate Facebook Timeline?

Follow these simple steps to activate Facebook Timeline in your profile.

1) Go to Timeline Introducing page. You can see a button labelled “Get Timeline” at the bottom of this introduction page. Click this button.

2) There you can see a preview of your Timeline page.

3) You can see two options at the top right of this page. One is “Take a Tour” button for getting more details about Timeline and next is “Publish Now” for publishing your Facebook Timeline. Click below image to see how it will look like.

4) So click on “Publish Now” for activating  your Facebook Timeline now itself.

Note:  Facebook  has enabled a 7 day TimeLine preview. That means, only you can see your changes that you did now for the first 7 days. In this period you can decide whether you want to publish the changes or not. If  you didn't publish the changes then Facebook will automatically roll back to your old profile style.
So activate your Facebook Timeline right now before your friends do.
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