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How To Increase Followers Using Digg

| | is a social bookmarking tool. Users can vote on content they find on the web and share it with other users. And as with most social networking tools, the more followers you have, the more effective your results. Here’s how to get more followers using Digg

Your Basic Info

First and most basic thing is that you need to fill out all the info about you and your site, in short complete your profile so that people can easily get information about you.

Install The Digg Toolbar On Your Browser

Then all you have to do when you find good content is click a button on your toolbar. Much easier than opening up a new window and visiting the site.

Submit Your Best Content

Of course, part of your Digg strategy will be to submit some of your own content. Once you have a good standing on the site and are making friends and attracting followers, start submitting your own content. Bookmarking a few of your top pages will likely boost your followers almost immediately. You’ll start attracting people who are interested in you and your business.
When you submit your own content to Digg, be sure to optimize the title and description. Additionally, choose a thumbnail to go along with your description and choose the most relevant and appropriate category.

Follow Others

Try to follow other fellow bloggers it will generate good relations and they will soon follow you back and realize your importance.

Take Part In conversations

Take part in active conversations going on, and give very proper and reasonable answer to them so that people will take interest in you, and try to know more about you.

Taking Part in other people Submissions

You must take part in other people submissions so that people will like you more

I hope you’ve found this information to be helpful Please let me know what is the one tip you received from this post that you think will help you in your business the most by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below


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