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Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google

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One of the most important ways to attract traffic to your site is to ensure that your Blogger (Blogspot) blog is properly indexed by popular search engines such as Google. If you want to increase your chances of having your site quickly indexed by the Google search engine it pays to submit your site and your feed. In this tutorial we will be covering the process of signing up with Google, authenticating your site and adding your site feed to Google webmaster tools....

go to your webmaster tool account,click on the Add a Sitemap (Which is in the Sitemaps tab). By adding a Sitemap, you will be providing Google with more details and information about your Blog. With this, Google will crawl your site, report information on any errors in the Sitemaps tab, and index your Blog site at a faster rate.
This will take you to another screen where you should choose the type “Submit a Sitemap”. The Sitemap URL for any normal website is usually the index page that is stored in the highest-level directory of that site. In the case of or, the only way to add a Sitemap is to use either of the following 2 Sitemaps

http://your blog or

http://your blog

Once you have added your Sitemaps, you will receive a confirmation telling you that "You have recently submitted one or more Sitemaps for this site. Processing Sitemaps may take some time. Check again later to see if pages from your Sitemaps are included in Google's index." Done! You have successfully added your Sitemaps. When you login to your Google Webmaster days later, you should be able to see the indexed pages and statistics of Google webcrawl of your Blog.

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