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How to Add the Sitemap of Your Blogger Blog to New Bing Webmaster Tool

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How to Add the Sitemap of Your Blogger Blog to New Bing.This tutorial covers the steps that are necessary to add your site to Bing via the Webmaster Center.

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    How to Add Your Blogger Blog and Its Sitemap to New Bing

1. Login to Bing webmaster center  with a hotmail account if you have one. Otherwise you will need to sign up first.

2. By default you will be taken to the Add a Site page (if you are adding your first site) or the Site List page(if you already have asite listed).

3. On the Site List page click the Add a site button. Then enter the URL address of your blog in the box provided.
4.   Option 1:Place an XML file on your web server
      Option 2: Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage

I think option 2 is very simple Verify the Ownership of blog. now your blog on bing webmaster tool

                                           How To Add Your Blog Sitemap To Bing

1. On the Sitemap page click the Add feed button. Then enter the address of your sitemap  of your blog in the box provided.

The address of your sitemap is: or

2. Click on the Submit button.

In this post I have shown you in detail how to submit your Blogger blog to Bing  and add a sitemap.

Good luck!


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